Privacy Policy

This 'Transaction Agreement' (Agreement) is valid between Our Company and the 'Investor' indefinitely until one of the parties cancels the agreement. This contract contains the personal and corporate information of the customer.

The Investor must have signed this contract and the Risk Notification Form attached to the contract before sending orders to the Company. The Company opens the Investor's account by examining the contract signed by the Investor and its annexes and notifies the Investor that the account has been opened. The Company has the right not to open an account with the Investor, even though it has signed a contract. In this case, it cancels the contract by notifying the Investor.

The investor has the right to trade from the moment he opens an account. It can transmit its transactions to the Company via the electronic transaction platform, in writing with a wet signature, and by telephone. The points that the Investor should pay attention to in order transmission are as follows;

  • Customer must keep all information of the electronic trading platform and not share it with anyone, including Company employees. 2- Should correctly answer the security questions asked by the Company employees during the transmission of orders over the phone.
  • The Company may cancel pending orders if there are differences between the price quotations to be submitted via the Electronic Trading Platform and the price quotations in the market due to difficulties in communication with investors, price providers, unusual market conditions or liquidity problems related to certain assets, accepts and declares that it can change its prices or close customer accounts.
  • Due to the fact that buying and selling transactions take place in the over-the-counter market, the order may be executed at a different price from the last transaction in the market. The investor accepts that Limit and stop loss orders may not be executed at the prices determined especially in gap formations and there will be no guaranteed stops lever
  • The investor can send orders to the trading platform within the periods determined by the Company. Note that the Investor Company may not accept orders on days when the national/international markets are on holiday, summer time and similar changes.accepts that he can change the order transmission hours with the sender.
  • The investor is obliged to make all notifications to the Company, and to make orders and instructions clearly and without hesitation. The Company is not obliged to fulfill the Investor's orders, instructions and notifications that are not clear or give rise to hesitation, unless the said hesitation is resolved. However, the Company is free to implement the Investor's unclear orders and instructions according to its own view and understanding.
  • The Company has the right to make the account passive and archive it if it does not see any transaction, deposit or withdrawal activity in the Investor's account within a 3-month period.
  • End of Day Order: An order that remains valid until 24:00 on the requested day.
  • Order Valid Until Cancellation: It is the order that is valid until canceled by the investor.
  • Limit Order: An order to buy or sell transactions or contracts at a better price than the current market price determined by the Investor.
  • Stop Order: It is an order to buy or sell transactions or contracts at a price worse than the current market price determined by the Investor.
  • Market Order: An order to buy or sell contracts at the instant market price. The customer cannot cancel the market orders he has bought or sold.
  • The investor should know that he/she accepts the privacy policy of the Company at the moment of signing the contract.
  • When the investor signs the contract, he/she should know that his/her personal information is recorded in the company database and this information will not be shared with third parties in any way. The Company is obliged to store and protect the Investor's personal information.
  • The Company may share the information with Official Institutions and Organizations within the framework of the law in case of any 'Money Laundering' situation.
  • Company, transaction history, balance, payment history etc. The Investor is obliged to provide the information upon request.
  • In addition to the matters specified in the 'Contract' to be signed with the company you will be dealing with, it is very important that you understand the following points.
  • Financial trading is very risky. As a result of adverse price movements, you may lose all the money you have deposited with the authorized institution. Do not trust the promises of high returns.
  • Your party should take into account that the information the company will convey to you regarding the transactions you will make and the recommendations it will make may be incomplete and in need of verification.
  • You should consider that companies cannot guarantee that you will not incur losses as a result trading, that your loss will be kept under control, or that additional margin calls will be made in case of loss. Therefore, you should do your research carefully before directing your savings to such transactions.
  • The Investor declares that he has signed this Risk Notification Form, the Contract and received a copy of the Risk Notification Form given to him by the Company.

Any information contained above is for general information purposes only and does not constitute and does not constitute advice, offer or request. Such information and any opinions expressed herein reflect and represent the views of PrInvest at the time of writing and are accordingly subject to change without notice and shall not be used by any person wishing to take any action or as a basis for any investment decision. Such information has been prepared without considering the specific investment goals, financial situation and requirements of a particular person. While we believe that the information contained herein is correct at the time of writing, we do not warrant such accuracy or completeness for this reason, in addition, we do not accept any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss that may arise.the use by any person of such information contained herein. Translations of the Website/Agreement and/or other documents related to the Services are provided by PrInvest for the convenience of the customer.

Disclaimer 1: The company does not accept clients from Turkey.

Disclaimer 2: Information on this site is not directed at residents in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.